Redhead Salesman Transforms Into A GQ Model


Gwilym Pugh, 33, from London, is unrecognisable thanks to his ginger beard

Before and after As the weight started to drop off and the now-famous beard grew, 'shy' Gwilym joined Instagram gwilymcpugh 
An overweight protection salesperson is unrecognizable in the wake of shedding about 7 stone and growing a stylish whiskers which has helped sling him to demonstrating acclaim.

It’s amazing what a difference 10 years can make! I really want to hammer that home... 10 years... What I’ve done has nothing on countless people out there who have changed their lives for the better. . But I want to keep spreading the word that anything is possible if you give it enough time and patience. For me, my journey is continuous and is about more than appearance but rather personal development inside and out. I didn’t set out to do what I’m currently doing, but as you learn and grow you become more open and confident to recognise and accept opportunities as they present themselves. When you have self doubt, you have to stand up inside and tell yourself to shut up!! I’m a firm believer that as you positively affect others, good things happen.... Maybe not immediately but definitely in the long term! #inspirehappiness . #disclaimer... the after shot is a professional photo taken by @thomasknights... The lighting was set up with precision and I prepared for the shoot for a period of time in the run up
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Gwilym Pugh, 33, from London, has picked up fans over the globe because of his particular ginger facial hair and has even been gobbled up by David Beckham as the substance of his whisky and prepping wanders.

Gwilym has been snapped up by David Beckham as the face of his business ventures
The Cardiff-conceived GQ show, who beforehand worked an extra security organization from his extra room, heaped on weight while telecommuting and was kept from preparing because of knee damage.
In any case, he has since dropped from 20 stone to 13 stone 7 lbs to wind up a fruitful model who has graced the pages of GQ magazine, working with brands over the world including Belstaff, Diesel and Bud Light.